Responsive web design vip nail spa hair salon manicureYou lead a busy life. You deserve a little pampering, royal treatment, professional nail services, reasonable prices, our state of the art ventilation system, and clean and beautiful soothing surroundings...

It's all yours at your Nails Spa Hair Salon.

Your health and safety are our top priority at Nails Spa Hair Salon. Our service is friendly and our equipment is always clean, sterilized and sanitized for your safety. We use Disposable Liners, Disposable Buffers, Dispasable Files, and Disposable Sponges.

A simple deterrent to the spread of bacteria, fungus and infectious diseases associated with pedicures, Nails Spa Hair Salon uses disposable liners, disposable buffers, disposable files, and disposable sponges to eliminate the need for scrubbing and/or cleaning. The liners help avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by harmful chemicals used by professionals to sanitize pedicure tubs between clients.

Responsive web design vip nail spa hair salon polishOur salon has made a commitment to provide the cleanest, safest nails experience. Out team of technicians are knowledgeable in regards to your nails' health and we can work together to keep your hand and feet healthy. It is our pleasure to make your comfort a top priority at Nails Spa Hair. We accept Parties, Appointments and  Walk-in.

If you are happy with our services, please refer your friends.

If you are not happy, please tell the management .  We welcome any comment or suggestion to improve our quality of services and to enhance your enjoyment with us.